No matter which part of the country you choose to live in, one thing is central: finding the perfect place to put down some roots. 

And this is not a decision to make on the fly. However, you are unlikely to be disappointed if you are dead set on moving to Richmond

Richmond is the capital of Virginia and one of the oldest major cities in the country. The cost of living here is 3% lower than the national average and has, over the years, transformed into an eclectic, vibrant, contemporary city. 

Here is a look at the best cities in Richmond. 

1. The Fan District

The Fan is an undoubtedly unique neighborhood. Here, you find an expansive 85-block Victorian community with intact Victorian homes from the 20th century. The Fan contains one of the country's most extensive collections of Victorian homes. 

It’s named the fan because the streets on this development extend outwards to form a fan shape from Belvidere Street to the Boulevard. If you love elegant architecture, living here will be a dream. 

This area is mainly residential with conveniences like coffee shops, coffee roasters and barber shops, and 80 corner bars and restaurants. 

This neighborhood is walkable, and you can enjoy walks to the neighboring Museum District on lazy afternoons. Here, you will find six blocks dedicated to museums with events and programs for adults and kids. 

Whatever your idea of a night out is, Richmond will likely deliver. There are numerous places to dine out, offering different cuisines. The countless bars, rooftop clubs, and lounges will satisfy your need for drinks, dance, and socialization. 

2. Church Hill

Church Hill is also known as the St. John’s Church Historic District. This is where Patrick Henry gave his now famous ‘’Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’’ speech in 1775. 

More remarkably, Richmond grew from Church Hill after the city was founded in 1737. 

This neighborhood is home to Chimborazo Park, which hosted the world's largest American Civil War Hospital. Douglas Wilder, the first elected African-American governor, was born and raised in this area. Church Hill is a noteworthy name in America's Civil War history, and you can tell this from all the Civil War tales that do the rounds in older social spots.

The district is walkable, with friendly neighbors, a river, and proximity to cycling and hiking trails. For outdoorsy types, the district is green with foliage and trees, giving an out-of-the-city feel. Chimborazo, Patrick Henry, Jefferson, and Libby Hill parks offer unique outdoor spaces. Libby Hill, for one, offers picturesque sunset views and glimpses of the James River. 

Church Hill has gorgeous homes, most of which were built in the early to mid-1800s. Over the years, developers have made numerous restorations to old houses, yielding newer, more modern homes with the same Church Hill spirit. 

3. Carytown

Carytown is nestled in the heart of Richmond and can be described as a dining, shopping, and entertainment district. If you are passing by Richmond, Carytown is worth an afternoon. If you move to the neighborhoods in Richmond, you will likely become a regular here.

The mile-long Cary Street bustling with small, authentic shops and restaurants makes it a prime spot to eat, shop, and people-watch. On weekends, it gets loud, fun, and colorful, with plenty of activities you can get into. 

Another top attraction here is the Byrd Theatre, commonly referred to as the Richmond movie palace. The Byrd Theatre has surprisingly shown movies since 1928 and remains packed with the glamour of a 1920s movie theater. At $4 to $8 a movie, this is an experience worth having.

If shopping doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe excellent food and drink will. Carytown is full of well-known restaurants on the East Coast. 

Whether you want some greasy burgers and fries or a gourmet meal, Carytown has it all down-packed. Bakeries also offer delectable cupcakes, homemade ice-cream craft beers, and wine on tap. 

4. Shockoe Bottom & Shockoe Slip

Shockoe Bottom and Shockoe Slip are huge entertainment and business districts in Richmond. Shockoe Bottom’s Main Street station is breathtaking and offers the perfect starting point to explore Richmond. Similarly, the historic 17th Street farmers market sits here, and so do the Poe Museum and the Virginia Holocaust Museum. 

Additionally, this is the entry point to the capital Trail, so restaurants, bike rentals, and club owners have set up shop here. 

Explore their industrial past, cobblestone streets, nightlife, and proximity to the James River. Shockoe Slip is straddled by the Central Business District and Shockoe Bottom. The slip is awash with unique restaurants, including the all-time favorite, the Tobacco Company. 

This cobblestoned district is no snooze, either. The community comes alive at night with clubs, bars, breweries, local bands, and DJs offering a fun time. During the day, a walk along the Canal walk in Shockoe Bottom will give you enchanting views of the James River. 

5. West End

West End is an expansive part of Richmond comprised of several suburban neighborhoods. 

West End is one of the best neighborhoods in Richmond, VA, for young families with school-going kids. At the heart of the neighborhood is the University of Richmond. This gives the town an active scene with numerous caps events and theatrical performances. 

West End is also favorable for families looking for good school districts, as it has several good elementary schools. 

While Richmond generally has older-styled homes, West End is known to have larger lots and newer homes and all the conveniences of modern family life. So, retail outlets, grocery stores, and chain restaurants will only be a short drive from home. 

6. Jackson Ward

Formerly enslaved people began moving to this neighborhood during Reconstruction. Around 1920, Jackson Ward became among the most active and best-recognized centers for African Americans. 

Today, the neighborhood is a 42-square block of single and multi-family units punctuated by art galleries, restaurants, and retail stores. All these blend into an incredible mix of culture, art, and history. 

Moving To Richmond

If you are looking to move your family to Richmond, there will be a neighborhood that will be just right for you. Whether you want to be in the heart of the action or move further away from the hustle and bustle, Richmond neighborhoods will have the perfect nook for you. 
Are you considering a move to one of Richmond's best neighborhoods? Let Cavalier Moving handle the logistics. Contact us for expert relocation services today!"