Moving is typically a hectic experience in itself. And seeking out the moving supplies and boxes you need to transport your stuff to the next house is the last thing you wish to do.

But getting these supplies doesn't always have to be stressful. It may even prove the easiest task on your relocating schedule, provided you know where to look.

In other words, moving supplies and boxes for cheap – or even for free – are plenty if you have your sights open. This article will highlight the different places to find affordable and free moving supplies in Richmond, VA. Let's get right into it.

The Best Places to Buy Cheap Moving Supplies and Boxes in Richmond, VA


Given the many Walmart outlets across the country, you shouldn't have trouble finding one close to your home in Richmond. Most of these stores are open 24/7; therefore, suppose you run out of packing supplies the evening before your relocation, you won't need to wait the next day for the location to reopen.

Moreover, you may also buy your moving supplies online from Walmart's website and have them delivered to your doorstep. 


  • Discount prices when you buy in bulk
  • There is an option for in-store pickup
  • A broad range of boxes


  • More costly than regular moving boxes


When relocating, you have a lot on your mind, even without worrying about where to get packing boxes. Thankfully, Amazon helps relieve some of your stress by nullifying the need to visit a store physically to pick up moving boxes.

Instead, they can have them delivered straight to your doorstep. The deal can get even better if you subscribe to their Prime membership, as you can enjoy their free two-day shipping on your moving boxes order.


  • Reasonable prices
  • Wide range of options


  • Usually takes a couple of days to ship.
  • Won't be able to inspect the boxes before buying


Rather than fretting about the number or size of moving boxes you need for your move, Uboxes offers full moving kits that come right from the factory. Whether relocating from a house, college dorm, or apartment, you can have kits designed specifically for you.

Other than moving boxes, Uboxes also offers other materials you might need for moving.


  • Free shipping in three days
  • Besides packing boxes, the kits also include any other moving supplies you might need


  • Relatively costlier than purchasing moving supplies separately


U-Haul also supplies moving boxes and materials to help you enjoy a smooth relocation day. The company offers moving boxes and several other kits, all available in stores or online. 

They also offer specialty moving products such as storage bags and disposable moisture absorbers for scenarios requiring packing stuff for short- or long-term storage.


  • Highly affordable packing boxes
  • Customizable moving kits
  • Box options exclusively designed for delicate items such as dishes and books


  • Shipping takes up to four days

Office Depot

Depending on the items you intend to pack, you may require packing boxes of diverse shapes. Luckily, Office Depot offers this diversity and any other materials required for an organized relocation. 

Moreover, the company boasts a large selection of heavy-duty packing boxes with handles and lids for carrying heavy items such as plates, books, or plates. Locate the store near you in Richmond, VA.


  • Flat box options for maximum space saving 
  • Double-wall packing boxes with a weight capacity of up to 850 pounds


  • Costlier than ordinary moving box sizes


When browsing Lowe's website, one can filter their options to check what's currently available online or what the local stores have in stock. Lowe's offers arguably the most affordable assortment if you're looking to buy packing boxes. Locate the nearest Lowe's store in Richmond, VA.


  • Options for heavy-duty boxes
  • Affordable packing boxes of various sizes


  • Only purchases of $45 or more qualify for free shipping.
  • No options for box packs

Best Places to Get Free Moving Supplies and Boxes in Richmond, VA

Moving supplies and boxes and generally affordable if you choose to buy them. However, you may be lucky to skip the buying part and save some bucks by seeking free moving supplies.

That said, here are a few places to get free packing boxes and materials for free.

Recycling Centers

Your local recycling center can be a great spot to acquire moving boxes of various sizes. Visit the center to drop off your ready-to-recycle paper, plastic, or glass items as you hear about the available options. Or you can just contact them in advance to find out if you can pass by and pick up some materials.


There are many Facebook groups for almost anything nowadays, including your local neighborhood. Browse Facebook for local groups dealing with item swaps, freebies, or friendly community groups wherein people engage and post often. 

Simply posting that you're seeking free moving boxes and supplies will startle you by seeing how many folks have some or know someone who does.


Craigslist is another great place to discover free moving supplies and boxes. Check Craigslist's Free section to find out if anybody is offering free packing materials.

Quick tip? You'll have quite a good chance of finding free boxes and supplies on Craigslist at the week's start or towards the end of the weekend, as that's often when most people clean out old boxes or unpack.    

Local Schools and Office Buildings

Every day, office buildings and local schools receive tons of boxed parcels and packages, which are no longer needed after being emptied.

Pass by and talk to the front desk employee and request them to guide you on how and where you receive some free packing boxes.

Move With Us

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