Moving furniture requires skills and expertise, as these items are heavy and fragile. It's crucial to prioritize careful handling of furniture over simply lifting it. If you have antique furniture part of your family heirloom, moving these treasures requires responsible and delicate handling. Hiring professional companies in Richmond, VA will ensure your furniture is well-protected and kept safe during the move.

When looking for the best local moving companies, clients often wonder what traits the best ones share. There are several factors to consider before making your decision.

Modern Tools and Equipment

To ensure the safety of your belongings, it is important that local movers have the necessary equipment and packing supplies. The company should have spacious moving trucks that can accommodate your furniture without any hassle. The trucks should also be equipped with ramps to aid in loading and unloading and forklifts to lift and place furniture onto carts without risking damage. Additionally, local movers should have ropes to secure items and prevent any movement or tilting during the moving process.

Experienced Staff

Finding a local moving company with experienced staff who can assemble and disassemble furniture is essential. While furniture manuals are helpful, experienced staff will be even more beneficial. They know how to safely dismantle beds, tables, dressing tables, and other antique pieces of furniture. Disassembling furniture makes it easy to move them and protects them from scratching against door frames and walls. After the move, they will reassemble each piece of furniture and restore it to its original condition.

Special Packaging and Padding Tools

It is essential to handle furniture with utmost care during commercial moving, as they are fragile. The chosen company must have excellent packing services to ensure safe transportation. Acid-free plastic is an ideal option to protect furniture from liquids, dirt, and debris. High-quality plastic covers maintain the color and fabric quality of the furniture. Extra-thick moving pads are necessary to protect mirrors and fragile pieces. The moving industry has many specialized companies that provide packing and moving services to businesses. For instance, Cavalier Moving provides furniture wrapping services and uses packing tape to prevent scratches.


When selecting a local moving company, it is important to consider their insurance coverage. A mover should have insurance covering employee safety and property damage. This means liability policy covers belongings in transit, and staff injuries are compensated. Inquiring about the company's insurance coverage and policy details is crucial before hiring them. If the coverage is insufficient, you may consider purchasing extra insurance to protect your valuable items, such as antique mirrors and art pieces.


You should get a moving company with all the relevant permits to operate legally. Moving companies should have several licenses that will help them conduct residential and commercial moves. Transport licenses include:

Local- A local moving company must possess a license that indicates compliance with the municipality's regulations. The license is usually issued by the city, town, or region where the company operates.

Multi-state- Long-distance movers need a license to relocate clients to other states. Those that operate in less than 20 states must obtain a license from the Public Utility Commission to move across state lines.

International- When moving from Richmond, VA to Mexico, it is crucial to find a moving company that possesses a license from the Federal Maritime Commission to ensure a smooth relocation process. Additionally, verifying if the mover has partnered with a cargo shipping line to facilitate the move is advisable. Selecting a moving company that meets the requirements for crossing local, state, interstate, and international borders is essential.


To ensure a smooth and stress-free moving experience, choosing a local moving company with modern tracking technology is essential. A good moving company should offer a tracking app to monitor your belongings during the move. Active communication about the delivery process and any issues is also essential. This level of communication can help you plan accordingly and make any necessary adjustments.

Read through the reviews

Evaluating local and long-distance moving services involves analyzing customer reviews. Reviews provide valuable feedback and insights into the customer-company relationship, measuring the company's credibility and ability to be trusted with your valuable belongings. They also offer a glimpse into the level of satisfaction and experience of past clients.

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