When it comes to moving heavy furniture, it's essential to have both the physical stamina and the necessary knowledge. Safety tips are crucial to avoid any injuries that may arise during the process. The task can be particularly daunting when moving furniture over stairs, through hallways, and into different rooms. However, you need not worry because Cavalier Moving has got you covered!

With their extensive knowledge and experience, Cavalier Moving is well-versed in moving heavy items with utmost care and precision. They prioritize safety during the move and provide expert guidance. You can rely on their services when in need of assistance.. As one of the best local companies, they possess exceptional packing services and specialize in moving heavy furniture during relocations.

Best Tips to Use when moving heavy furniture

Before moving any heavy furniture, follow the following tips to make your work easier:


If you plan to move furniture, whether it's inside or outside, it's important to dress appropriately. Loose clothing can be hazardous and obstruct your vision by covering your face. Wear closed-toe shoes to avoid foot injuries.


If you have ever had a back injury, you can use braces to support your back. The braces act as a reinforcement for your back as you bend to lift the heavy furniture. They will protect your back from experiencing strain and further injury.

Clear furniture

You should remove items stored on the furniture before moving them. If you are moving a bookshelf, clear the books first. The shelf will be lighter and easier to move.


You can use manuals to disassemble furniture before you begin the moving process. As you disassemble, drop the bolts, screws, and nuts in a zip lock bag and label it. Remember to keep the manual because it will help in assembling.

Clear the Floor

To ensure the safe movement of furniture, it's essential to clear any obstacles from the pathway as they can potentially entrap the furniture, leading to toppling over. Additionally, these objects can pose a tripping hazard, causing you to fall and putting both your safety and that of the furniture at risk.

Tools that can make furniture moving easy

Professional full-service movers offer full-service options that include a complete array of packing materials and supplies to help transport heavy furniture. At Cavalier Moving, we have all the necessary tools and equipment to safely and efficiently lift and move your furniture without your assistance.

Adjustable Furniture Sliders

Most local movers have adjustable sliders that allow you to move heavy furniture without straining your body. These pads are placed under furniture legs and bed frames. You can easily move the furniture without damaging it or the floor.

Furniture Dolly

A dolly or hand truck is a useful tool with two functional wheels that can assist in lifting and transporting heavy furniture. The furniture dolly, specifically, is particularly essential for moving heavy rectangular-shaped items such as tables and boxes.

Shoulder Dolly

Using a shoulder dolly can help prevent strains and injuries to your back. With two people attaching the dolly straps to the items and securing the belts around their shoulders, their hands are left free for additional support. This not only allows for proper lifting technique but also minimizes the risk of causing harm to your torso and back.

Plastic Wrap/ Bubble Wrap

Protect furniture from damage during the move by covering seats with plastic wrap. It's an effective way to prevent dirt and stains. A well-wrapped seat is shielded from dirt and stains, which can help minimize any harm. Additionally, bubble wrap can be used to protect delicate items, such as antique mirrors, during transport. The bubbles provide extra cushioning to prevent any potential damage.

Heavy Duty Furniture Lifter

The furniture lifter helps you to move furniture from room to room. It will also help you to move furniture within the moving truck.

Mattress Slings

Moving huge and heavy mattresses is hectic and tricky. You can purchase mattress slings or utilize a simple rope string that gives you much control and freedom. You can turn the mattress to ensure the sling is at the lower part and slide it through the doors and hallways.

Moving and packing blanket

Professional movers have a full pack of moving and packing blankets that they can use to cover your furniture and protect them from debris, dust, and other items that may fall or spill. These blankets help cover and protect the furniture from damage during an international move.

How you should carry heavy furniture

To prevent injury and strain on your body while moving furniture, it's advisable to learn various carrying techniques. One way to do this is by seeking assistance from a partner or hiring moving companies like Cavalier Moving.

High Low Technique

Most interstate movers' staff use the high-low technique to carry heavy furniture to protect their bodies from injuries. If the furniture falls, the damage is minimal.

Slide Technique

The method helps move heavy furniture on a smooth surface. However, you can make sliders using old towels, rags, and plastic container covers. These materials protect your furniture and floor from scratches.

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