Moving can be draining if you pack overstuffed kitchen drawers filled with unnecessary stuff. Additionally, if you hire movers to pack those items, you'll pay more. However, moving also presents a great chance to assess all the items you've amassed over the years. Evaluate each item's value and your relationship with it. By letting go of non-value-adding things, you'll reduce the moving workload. For efficient and stress-free moving services in Richmond, contact local Richmond movers.

What are the best tips you can use to declutter

Check your emotional connection with Items

Before embarking on decluttering, it's important to have an honest conversation about what you need in your new home. Reducing sentimental attachments and emotional connections to your belongings can be helpful in the process. Holding on to too many unnecessary items can drain your mental and emotional energy, ultimately affecting your overall well-being. Consider removing these items from your space by packing them up and selling or donating them to those in need.

Excess Items

Do you have unused boxes of books, clothes, dishes, water bottles, or shoes? Ask when you last used them. If it's been a while, consider donating or selling to declutter. Keeping a store's worth of items that only gather dust and waste your valuable space and energy is unnecessary. Additionally, professional movers will charge you more for packing and transporting these extra items, driving your moving costs.

Stuff that no longer serves your needs

Your living room's new smart TV fulfills all your needs. However, you've inherited two old-fashioned TVs from your parents and stored them away for years. These outdated items are taking up valuable space in your home. The same goes for those old socks, clothes, and shoes you haven't used.

Declutter per room

Before you make a local move, take the time to declutter each room and remove any items you no longer use. While all moving companies in Richmond offer packing services, the cost will depend on the total number of items you need packed.

Kitchen Declutter

Your kitchen has plenty of storage options, but things can be forgotten. Check drawers, pantries, cabinets, and cupboards for unused spices, dishes, pots, pans, or cutlery. If you come across items you no longer use, consider donating them to other needy families or local kitchens. The best local moving companies can also offer packing and moving services for your kitchen items.

Living Room Declutter

When decluttering, check living room bookshelves for unneeded books and magazines. Also, consider how current items will affect the décor of your new home, as it's a hub of activity and accumulates many things.

Bedroom Declutter

Simplify your moving process by decluttering your wardrobe. Eliminate unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, and underwear, among others, to create more space in your drawers and closets.

Bathroom Declutter

Take a moment to go through your bathroom drawers and cabinets to see if you have any expired medicines, facial or body care products that you no longer use. Additionally, if you happen to have an excess of tissue, soap, or other toiletries, consider decluttering those as well.

Garage Declutter

As people pack away unused items, they often end up in the garage, forgotten. Declutter and sort through old holiday decorations you may have accumulated over the years, such as Christmas or Easter decorations, as you prepare for the move. Additionally, clear out any leftover materials from incomplete projects that have been gathering dust.

Why should you declutter and organize

Fewer Items, Less Stress

Having fewer items makes organizing and packing a breeze. Moving with fewer belongings can save time and money on packing services. Local movers have storage options for excess items, making it easy to donate them later.

Get Rid of Non-Fitting Items

Knowing the layout of your new space can help you decide which items will fit. If some things won't work, sell or donate them to buy new ones. Follow the Marie Kondo method to declutter and organize. The Marie Kondo method is a great way to declutter and organize your belongings. Rather than holding onto everything, focus on keeping only those items that truly spark joy in your life.

Take stock and save resources

Doing due diligence through stocktaking is essential before making a shopping list. Stocktaking helps you list the items you must purchase from the stores. It helps you avoid purchasing items that you may not need in the near future. If you purchase necessities, you will save money to pay for the moving process.

Eradicate pests

Having clutter in your home can attract mold, mildew, and pests. Ensure your items are mold and pest-free before moving.

After decluttering, you can call Cavalier Moving, a local moving company in Richmond, VA, to assist with commercial and residential moves.

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