Whether you want to maintain the same indoor vibe in a different town or touch a life, mobile home removal offers unmatched flexibility. However, it comes with numerous responsibilities like acquiring permits and tough construction work.

Fortunately, you don't have to handle all the fuss; you can get expert help. This guide takes you through different mobile home removal options, their regulations, and how professional services can help you. 

Let's delve in!

Mobile Home Removal Methods

Planning to get rid of your old mobile home or move it to a different location? 

You can achieve your goal through the following methods.

  1. Demolition 

The demolition process entails finding a suitable contractor and a quote estimate from them. Once you identify the right home removal company, you should get the necessary permit. You don't want to be on the bad side of the law.

Now that your area's authority has consented, your mobile home removal team will tear the home down, separate the salvageable metal, and carry the remaining debris. The average cost of demolition is $3.50 to $5 per square foot, and an additional permit fee of $100 to $350. 

  1. Deconstruction

If you choose this mobile home removal technique, you will follow the demolition process, except that your removal team will disassemble piece by piece instead of tearing the home down.

This method requires a higher budget as its cost can upsurge to almost double the cost of demolition, depending on your home's size. Mobile homeowners sometimes have to part with $8000 to complete this process. This method also takes longer than demolition, between one full workday to a few days. 

  1. Donation

The donation process allows you to touch a life or promote community activities. For instance, you can gift your mobile home to a needy person, a charitable organization, or a local fire department for a burn exercise. 

To clear out your mobile home through donation, you must reach out to the other party, whether an individual or an organization. Once they accept the offer, arrange for the mobile home removal process.

The donation time varies, depending on the building code evaluation process and whether the recipient is ready. So, you should be flexible to accommodate any inconveniences in between.

  1. Relocation

Want to experience a new location in your current house?

Relocation is your ideal mobile home removal method. This technique lets you set up your family home in a new location. And while it's the leading removal option, it's the most expensive, as you part with between $2,000 and $12,000 at completion.

Here is a step-by-step guide on the relocation process:

Step 1. Choose a contractor and get a quote if you prefer professional assistance.

Step 2. Get the required permits.

Step 3. Remove decks, stairs, and porch roofs.

Step 4. Disconnect all the utilities and remove the skirts and ties to disengage the home.

Step 5. Crane lift your mobile home into a flat trailer.

Step 6. Haul the mobile home to the desired destination.

Step 7. Set up your home and reconnect it in the new location.

Depending on your budget and removal needs, you can choose one of these mobile home removal methods. And if you are in a dilemma about whether to demolish or donate, feel free to consult your leading home removal professional in town.

Mobile Home Removal Regulations

Every state has unique requirements regarding home ownership, moving, and removal processes. Nevertheless, the standard prerequisite for mobile home removal is as follows for the different techniques

  • Demolition Regulations: To demolish your mobile home, you must get the essential permits from the local authority. Alternatively, you can discuss with your contractor to help if you choose to collaborate with one.
  • Deconstruction Requirements: Similar to the demolition process, deconstruction cannot start without permission from the local authorities. So, ensure you visit or contact their offices to obtain the necessary papers.
  • Donation Prerequisites: Unlike demolition and deconstruction, donation mobile home removal doesn't require permit papers. However, you have to confirm your home meets all the building codes, or else you won't put it up for donation.
  • Relocation Regulations: Moving a mobile home through the highway can be dangerous, especially if damaged. As a result, the authorities demand you get the necessary permits that prove your home is in good shape and fit for safe transportation.

Why Hire Moving Professionals?

It's tempting to get rid of the mobile home solely. However, the process is long and cumbersome and might take you longer than anticipated. This can disrupt your working schedule or even cause damage to your mobile home.

Not certain whether to hire moving professionals? Here are three reasons why you should let professionals handle all the removal trouble

  1. Vast Experience in Mobile Home Removal 

Let's face it, unless you've worked in the moving industry before, you are prone to overlooking numerous removal details. Moreover, anytime an issue arises during the demolition or relocation, you will have no clue what to do in extreme situations.

Fortunately, moving professionals like Cavalier have been proficient in mobile home removal for years. This makes them fit for all your moving needs. Whether you want to demolish, deconstruct, or donate, they understand all the requirements to achieve your home removal goals.

  1. Safety Measures

Demolishing a mobile home may seem like an easy task. However, it requires using heavy and dangerous equipment that can hurt you if not properly handled. And similar to any other demolition process, you are prone to getting injuries from falling parts.

You don't have to expose yourself to the tiresome process or dangerous tools; you can leave the hassle to experts. Cavalier's professionals are well-trained and have the necessary equipment to demolish or relocate your home without causing damage to the surrounding property or harming themselves. 

Why not try safe mobile home removal with experts?

  1. Reliable Mobile Home Removal Services

Professional movers are the best when it comes to efficiency, time, and preparation. Such teams are highly skilled in disengaging, demolishing, disassembling, and moving or disposing mobile homes. The consistent practice of moving or removing homes has also taught them to provide top-notch services seamlessly.

They synchronize their service with your schedule to ensure your home removal is complete within your preferred time or date. They also have the necessary equipment that matches your mobile home removal needs. So, whether you want to relocate a single-wide or double-wide home, they've got you covered.

Planning To Relocate or Donate Your Mobile Home?

Mobile home removal can help you donate, deconstruct, demolish, or relocate your home. Unfortunately, the process can be overwhelming if you do it alone. Thanks to removal professionals, they plan and handle the entire process to ensure you achieve your desire.

Why not collaborate with the leading Virginia experts?

Looking for efficient mobile home removal services? The Cavalier team can help you demolish, donate, deconstruct, or relocate your unit. They are easy to work with as they synchronize their work plan with your schedule to deliver on time.

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