When moving into a new place, finding a good school for your child is one of the most daunting yet essential things you’ll likely deal with. You have to review all the schools around and select one that suits your needs and those of your children.

Richmond, VA, is ideal for anyone seeking a new home. And not just for its beautiful churches and museums but also for its solid and transformative educational system. Richmond’s educational institutions have fostered social, cultural, and economic development. 

As the city grows, its educational system ensures an inclusive and culturally rich future for Richmond and its residents.

In this guide, we explore Richmond VA schools, including public, private, and special education schools and higher education institutions. We also provide tips on finding the best school for your child.

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Public Schools in Richmond

According to the U.S. News and World Report, Richmond City Public School District has over 50 public schools serving approximately 28,225 students. Among them are 29 preschools, 27 elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 11 high schools.

Also, 80.4% of Richmond City Public Schools teachers are licensed, while 79.1% have more than three years of experience. Although the student-to-teacher ratio (19:1) is higher than the state average (14:1), it’s still enough to offer personalized attention and keep all students engaged.

Richmond public schools are among the most diverse in the country, offering students the opportunity to experience other cultures.

Standout Richmond VA schools include;

  • Open High School: Offers a college preparatory education to about 200 students in a small personal setting. Open High School was established in 1972 as an alternative public high school in Richmond, VA. The school emphasizes student-driven learning, independent study, and personalized curriculum design.
  • Richmond Community High School: This is the only public secondary school in Virginia that targets academically gifted children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The school has graduated more than 1600 students since it began in 1977.
  • Franklin Military Academy: Established in 1980, Franklin Military School is the first public military school offering an alternative to the typical high school program. Students can experience a regular academic study course while participating in a Junior Reserve Officer Training Program.

Private Schools in Richmond

Private schools often maintain a reputation for good discipline, high academic excellence, and smaller class sizes, among other notable features. Those in Richmond, VA, are not an exception. But still, you must do your due diligence before sending your child to a Richmond private school.

Remember, more than half of private schools in Richmond are religiously affiliated. However, most accept students from all religious backgrounds.

Here are some of the prestigious private Richmond VA schools.

St. Catherine’s School

St. Catherine’s School is an all-girl institution offering exceptional education for girls aged three through grade 12. Although it’s Episcopal-affiliated, St. Catherine welcomes students from all faith traditions. 

The institution provides a meticulous education that prepares girls with diverse outlooks for a lifetime of learning, leadership, and service in a global community. 

St. Catherine strives to transform and shape your girl into a strong, intelligent, and confident woman.

St. Christopher’s School

St. Christopher’s School is an all-boys private school affiliated with the Episcopal church. The school education system is divided into three categories: the lower school (JK-5), the middle school (Grades 6-8), and the upper school (Grades 9-12).

Veritas School

Veritas School offers a Christ-centered, academically robust classical education to students in grades JK-12. The school was founded in 2000 and offers an education to help your children grow, flourish, and bear fruit in all areas of their lives. Currently, the school has over 600 students.

Charter and Magnet Schools

The National Charter School Resource Center defines a charter school as a public school that operates as a school of choice. As a parent, you get the opportunity to pick a school that best suits your child’s needs. Principals run these schools and have the flexibility to design a culture that meets the needs and demands of the surrounding community.

There are no admission requirements or entrance exams for charter schools. Instead, the schools have an enrollment period when you can submit applications. If the number of applications exceeds the school’s capacity, a randomized blind lottery determines the students to be admitted.

The most significant advantage of charter schools is that they are designed to fit your child’s unique needs. Therefore, as a parent, you can choose a school that suits your child’s educational and emotional needs. Also, since they are funded by the government, you don’t have to worry about paying fees for your child, although you may need to pay for various programs and activities.  

On the other hand, magnet schools are public schools that offer specialized programs to attract students from multiple districts. This is clearly illustrated by the term “magnet.” These schools emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, intending to racially desegregate schools. However, their focus has since shifted from desegregation to promoting academic excellence and exciting opportunities for students.

Magnetic schools offer a flexible, innovative, theme-based curriculum. This allows children to ignite their passion, become more engaged, and develop a sense of responsibility. Additionally, the schools encourage diversity and community involvement. They are an option for public schools in Richmond, VA.

Special Education Schools

Does your child have special needs? If yes, you understand the fear of taking them to just any public or private school. Therefore, you want a school that understands your child’s condition and needs. This is where special education schools come into play.

Special education schools or special needs schools are institutions that cater to students who have disabilities or challenges that interfere with learning. 

Unlike ordinary public schools that offer a one-size-fits-all approach, these schools offer customized and targeted programs and support to meet each child’s unique needs. The needs range from educational to social and emotional.

Richmond, VA, has various special education schools, including Amelia Street School and The Faison Center.

Higher Education in Richmond, VA

If you’re looking to advance your education or send your child to an institution of higher learning, Richmond, VA, has plenty of options. Some of the top-ranking higher education institutions in Richmond include;

Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU)

If you mention top universities in Virginia, VCU will be on the top page. The university offers more than 200 programs in Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Certificate. It’s also known for its research contributions and significant impact on the healthcare and art sectors.  

University of Richmond

The University of Richmond is a private liberal arts university at the scenic West End of Richmond. The institution was founded in 1830 and sits on 350 acres of land. The university offers a comprehensive undergraduate experience and was ranked 15th most innovative school by the U.S. News & World Report.

Virginia Union University (VUU)

VUU is a premier liberal arts urban institution of higher education and a center of excellence that prepares students to be the leaders of tomorrow. The university is sustained by its African-American heritage and invigorated by a commitment to diversity and excellence.

These are just a few institutions of higher education in Richmond, VA. You can explore more universities in the area to find your perfect match.

Choosing the Right School

If you’re moving to Richmond, VA, you now have an overview of its educational system. But we’ve given you many options which will only complicate things. We want to make your work easier. So, here’s what you should consider when selecting a school in Richmond.

Academic performance

No parent wants to send their children to a school that doesn’t perform well. Therefore, you want to compare the school’s test scores, graduation rates, and college placement records and see how it ranks. You want a school with a good track record of academic excellence.

The school’s location

What’s the distance from your home to the school? If it’s a day school, you really have to consider the school’s location. This is also an issue, especially for children in the elementary grades. But again, it all depends on your needs and those of your child.

Extracurricular activities

When you take your child to school, it doesn’t mean they should stay glued to their desks the whole day. Unfortunately, this is the situation in some schools, especially those lacking extracurricular programs and activities. So when choosing a school in Richmond, ensure it offers sports, clubs, and arts, among other activities—they are essential for your child’s personal development.

Your child’s needs and preferences

Everything should not be about what you want for your child. Instead, it should be what your child wants for themselves. Therefore, when selecting a school for your kid, ensure it aligns with their learning style, interests, and strengths.

Also, it’s essential to consider their personality, social needs, and whether they thrive in a smaller or larger community.

Want to Move?

Moving can be difficult. But finding a good school for your children can be more daunting. Richmond, VA, offers diverse schooling options for every student’s needs at all levels. So, whether you’re looking for a kindergarten, elementary, or high school, Richmond offers plenty of options. Moving to Richmond with your family? Let Cavalier Moving help with your relocation so you can focus on finding the best school for your child. Get in touch now!