Pack like a Pro

Packing is easily one of the most important, yet time consuming and annoying part of moving. It’s easy to throw your hands up and toss everything into a box and move on to the next. However, this can lead to mislead items, back-breaking weight, and broken items. Follow our tips below to make your next packing pain-free.
    • Try to keep boxes under 40 pounds
    • On the bottom of the box, use 3 strips of tape in the same direction. Outside strips should overlap the center strips halfway. Use 2 strips to secure top of the box.
    • Place clothes in drawers, suitcases and other containers to save boxes.
    • Reserve smaller boxes for books, folders, files and documents. We always recommend packaging heavier items into smaller boxes.
    • Clearly label all boxes
    • Use 2-3 sheets of wrapping paper, tissue paper or bubble wrap for large plates and large bowls. Use 1 sheet of wrapping paper for small plates, small bowls, drinking glasses and mugs.